Ideas for industrial style furniture

Ideas for industrial style furniture


In the review, we will handle home decor tips for creating an industrial style desk andother items of furniture, so they perfectly draw modern trends and a factory touch in your house.

What is an industrial style

Industrial space is considered to be a perfectly organized space with the main factory and warehouse features. The last options are directly transferred in modern, antique, vintage, and boho-chic elements for furniture items. Generally, an industrial style appeals to wood, metal, brick, and concrete. Taking one piece of furniture to your house would be enough to make your home design more industrial.

General features of industrial style

  • Rustic brick walls
  • Large dome lamps
  • Edison bulbs for soft lighting
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Large living rooms
  • Big factory windows with dark frames
  • Large leafy greenery in big pots
  • Leather texture sofas
  • Grey and metal colours
  • Pipes and ducts elements
  • The antique decor of mirrors and small details

How to bring industrial feel elements to your home design?

  1. Start with the internal makeup. Take a look at the walls of your home. If you could change them into rustic brick ones it would be the right solution. Exposed pipes and unfinished flooring with a vintage rug will draw an industrial attitude to your home atmosphere.
  2. Choose an industrial colour palette. Bright colours are absent in the factory palette. Simple gray and gorgeous silver are the best for lamps, furniture items, and walls. Earth tones are appropriate for the scheme.
  3. Add warmth to the texture. Knotted surfaces for coffee tables, distressed leather sofas, linen cushions will bring warmth to the simplicity of the industrial decor. They obviously match up to its general idea with a brilliant combination of wood and metal decor objects.
  4. Draw vintage and refurbished looks for your furniture. Wooden surfaces of tables, aluminum and steel legs of stools, massive wooden columns inspire the transformation of the whole space. The cage and large dome lighting are a perfect idea for soft earth colour fabric.

Best ideas for industrial style furniture

Obtaining the industrial style furniture items you will get comfy with metal and wood ideas for tables, bookshelves, beds, desks, and bookends. Combining metal and wood, rustic and factory, vintage and boho-chic elements will be the proper design solution for you.

The top popular items of decor and furniture for modernization of your space with industrial touch are:

  • One-bulb unique table lamps made with pipes
  • Easily-moved wooden coffee tables with wheels
  • Unusual end tables with metal pipes
  • Distressed leather brown sofas and couches
  • Bamboo top dining tables with metal legs
  • Army-style metal planter buckets
  • Metal wall art ideas in the pipe bookshelves
  • Industrial home office desks with metal and wood design
  • Erasable chalkboards with black frames for your kitchen
  • Urban loft oversized clocks for walls
  • A metal and acacia box bed with a big drawer underneath

You may use some old metal pieces such as a gear clock mechanism, bicycle wheels, pipes, metal buckets, cans, metal fire hydrant statues, aluminum wheels, and use them directly to inspire your industrial style home decor.