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Industrial Space Design For Board Portal


Board Portal for Business is a new business concept by Chris Van Rensselaer that includes industrial and warehouse space as well as virtual board room for directors. For a company looking to save time and money, space can be very costly. In many cases, employees work in team rooms during the day and work on production or stock room equipment in the evenings.


In addition to that, BPO uses warehousing as an optimization and incentive for free warehouse spaces for companies.

The layout of a warehouse is difficult to change, so companies using warehouse space regularly make major modifications. A virtual board room for directors by is a great way to visualize different arrangements. Many companies are looking for more cost effective solutions for their space needs.


Other benefits of this virtual board room concept include: board members are able to go out and meet potential clients as often as they want, without having to wait for a scheduled meeting. And board members can customize their meetings and set specific agenda, such as: length of time, topics, and the subjects to be discussed.


Today, warehouses, storage spaces, and industrial spaces are among the most important places in a company. They are important because they help customers with their goods. But also, warehouses store supplies that companies need to continue working with their clients.


In today’s storage spaces, production facilities use multiple levels, called “rooms”, that support many types of equipment. For instance, dry goods ware houses have “rooms” with different sizes, styles, and forms for wrapping products.


Industrial spaces also use different sized rooms to store different types of machinery. And it takes an enormous amount of space to store an item such as a warehouse.


Office spaces such as public libraries are built to function as shelves for books.

A library used for meetings or conferences can be designed to store large documents. To serve a large audience, these spaces are most efficient and fit into many spaces.


Board meetings and conferences are becoming more common, as companies realize the importance of efficiency and focus. Nowadays, one hour’s worth of information can be shared, via conference call, at a minimal cost.


Businesses are looking for a more open platform for collaboration and the best use of resources, including the best web and online board rooms. Virtual conference calls are increasingly being used, particularly for business-to-business communication.


Board members and executives can meet as a group at any time. In the past, each board member needed to be made aware of the meetings so they could make time for them, but this was expensive and complicated.


Board meeting rooms are less expensive and much easier to manage and maintain. With the next generation of Virtual Conference Room (VCR) technology, your board members can now interact with each other from anywhere.