What is industrial style? Ideas for home design


This is your perfect guidance about industrial style homes and what you can take out to make a modern accent to your home design.

Outstanding elements of industrial decor

The industrial style seems to be the most popular nowadays appealing to the stunning elements of a workshop or a factory. The first things that come to mind with this home design option are apartments, city-dwelling places, and lofts. You can take some preferable details of this style to make your house more industrial. It is appreciated to mix styles or to draw light industrial touches to your home design. The result will be attractive.

Let’s run the top elements of industrial style, so you can choose the most comfortable ones for your apartment:

  1. Rustic brick walls. Industrial touches appear to be excellent ideas to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your house. Exposed brick walls are something that appeals to factory features. They are perfect for putting your favourite pictures on them so you can easily focus on the picture itself in a comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Naive wood and exposed metal. This is the brilliant contrast that involves wood and metal tables, bookshelves, and other pieces of furniture. These pieces are mixed together to make a gorgeous look on one side and simplicity on the other side.
  3. Metal pipes and ducts. The unfinished look is purchased with all these factory elements. They straightforwardly run with rustic walls and ceilings.
  4. Vintage furniture. Vintage elements are supposed to be the key features of industrial style. You can take one or two vintage options to make your design with industrial touch completed. Your grandma’s vintage wardrobe would be the best choice.
  5. Antique decor. You feel magic in the air with those antique mirrors, glass, and carpets. The antique design brings positive memoirs of historical events.
  6. Special colour palette. Metallic silver, gold, and grey are the major colours for your lampades, ceilings, and floors. No bright colours at all. The brightness wouldn’t allow you  to concentrate on important things or to refresh your minds.
  7. Rolling coffee table. Convenient options for essential things are the best ideas. You can easily move your table with a cup of coffee and a piece of your favourite cake.

Lighting Ideas for industrial style

You may bring freshness to your house and some industrial touches only change your lamps. You can simply obtain a new one with the following features or try creating a handmade lighting element by yourself.

  • Edison bulbs
  • Cage lighting trend
  • Large lamps
  • Metal table lamps

Large metal domes are associated with the lighting of industrial places. On the contrary, a silver metal dome would be a great option for your study room. Bare Edison bulbs seem to be a must-have item of leading industry trends. Overall, a large space for creative ideas and free movement are the main features of factory style with its soft colours and exposed metal elements. They bring sense with much light in the house providing a high level of comfort.